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Modular Buildings

Leaders Group presents luxury modular buildings by INPOD

Inpod is an innovative award winning modular building system which is made using composite technology and is ideal for use in home office and leisure sector. Inpod is fully built in the factory using the finest German, French and British equipment. these buildings can be assembled in hours and includes climate control, fully fitted kitchen, bathrooms and wardrobes.

Inpod is a readymade solution for creating luxury spaces in farmhouses, residential terraces, resorts, home extensions, hospitals, clinics, schools, factories and site offices.

Modular Buildings
Winner DESIGN WALL 2013
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Actual sample villa video:

NDTV Prime - Property: It's Hot

Inpod is four times stronger than its RCC counter parts. They are beautiful buildings built using Inskin, a unique composite material that is crack resistant, extremely robust and hygienic. Inpods can withstand water erosions, earthquakes, fires of up to 1250 C for over a period of 30 minutes, strong winds of up to 300 kmph and a repeated assault of rods shot through a cannon at 60 ft/s on the same area. Moreover, the highly insular nature of PU used in the composition of Inskin blocks the atmospheric heat and regulates the Pod's interior temperature with minimum outside assistance.

The structures are lighter than wooden ones and yet stronger than those made of concrete. Specially designed shoes allow placement on any levelled surface. Inpod has a unique 'plug and play' model, which requires little or no time for onsite installation. This feature allows users to access challenging geographical areas and still enjoy a level of build quality seen only in high end metropolitan area buildings.

What's more, Inpod uses best in class products: wall coverings by Jotun/Nippon; floor coverings by Egger/Laminam; joinery and sealants by Bostik; bathroom equipment by Grohe; sanitary ware by Duravit; plumbing supplies by John Guest UK and architectural hardware by Dorma. The overall look and finishes in an Inpod module is similar to those seen on-board a mega yacht. Plus, it is versatile. While looks may be deceptive, its lightweight composite structure can support twice its own weight.

It has built in provisions for hassle-free connectivity with more pods. Once installed, the structures can be continually modified to suit its user's needs with minimum effort and disruption. The uses of Inpod are varied and can be used in sectors like PSUs, government department and ministries, defence establishments and diplomatic missions, major private sector companies, elite schools, big hospitals, top hotels, builders and airline companies.

Following are our brochure and catalogues for all our range of products, which give you more detail about our building system, material and advantages over conventional construction, with the cost breakup. A detailed description of all the fixtures has been mentioned under Technical Specifications, on the second page of each catalogue.

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